About Buspark

What can Buspark actually offer you?

Do you want to buy a bus or do you need to sell one? Do you deal in buses professionally? Buspark will enable you to arrange your deals quickly and easily.

Buspark is a specialized advertising server dedicated solely to the purchase and sale of buses with a focus on Central and Eastern Europe. After a simple registration process, you will be able to easily upload and manage your ads or watch the ads of other retailers.

Buspark will make sure that your quotes get to the right candidates.



How to Advertise

Sign up for a Buspark account and offer your bus/coach to anyone interested across Europe. The registration will only take a few minutes.You can place up to 2 ads in a time absolutely free of charge. Every next ad is charged according to the pricelist.

In your personal profile, you will be able to easily upload and manage your ads. In addition, you will have access to comprehensive statistic data as to how many times your ads have been visited. Those interested in your bus will be able to contact you on your provided email address or mobile phone number.

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I am a professional trader

Do you deal in used or new buses? Do you sell more buses at a time? With us you will be able to advertise any number of vehicles all this in your own professional Buspark On-line Bus Store and at discounted prices. You pay only the number of uploaded ads, no monthly tariffs or subscriptions.

Your ads will be both part of the server Buspark menu and your professional On-line Bus Store with an option to insert your company logo. You will be able to upload and edit your ads using a simple interface. Thanks to comprehensive statistic data, you will also get information as to how many times your ads have been visited or printed out.

Try out our 3 months trial period.

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