Ad payment

We offer you following secure payment options

  • Credit or Debit card
  • PayPal

All the details of your payment will be sent to your email address. Immediately upon receipt of payment to our account, you will be sent your invoice.

Credit or Debit card payment

If you have a credit card that allows payments via the Internet, you can use it to pay for your advertising. After uploading your ad, you select a method of payment and enter your credit card number, CVC / CVV code and the expiration date of your card. The transfer of information is encrypted and therefore absolutely secure. When accepting cards, we use 3D- Secure system. This is a state of the art application that allows credit card payments over the Internet.

We accept all cards with Visa, Electron, MasterCard and Maestro logos.


More information about Card payments

Your advertisement will be posted immediately after your payment.


Make your payment quickly and safely with PayPal. Easy to use, easy to pay.


Your advertisement will be published immediately after your payment.

/files/images/loga-platby/logo-ssl-upravene.pngIn order to be able to follow all high safety standards, we use only state of the art technology. We find it most important that you can rely on each and every payment executed on Buspark.

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